34. Supernova Tsar, Solipschism


RELEASE DATE: December 27, 2013

Guitars, Vocals, Space Harmonica and Interstellar Effects – Jonathan Rosenberg
Tracks 1-2 taken from the tape “Demos-January 2002” – recorded Jan. 2002
Tracks 3-4,13 taken from the tape “September-October 2001” – recorded Nov. & Dec. 2001
Tracks 5,7,16 taken from the tape “Demos-June 01-Just Fucking Cool/Sideward Glance” – recorded Jun. 2001
Track 6 taken from the tape “First Tape-Side B-Up To Otis Probably 2-3/01” – recorded Aug. 2001
Track 8 taken from the tapes “September 2001” and “Effects Experiments 10/01” – recorded Nov. 2001
Track 9 taken from the tape “November 2001-Rivulet” – recorded Dec. 2001
Tracks 10,15 taken from the tape “Effects Experiments 10/01” – recorded Oct. & Nov. 2001
Track 11 taken from the tape “Demos-May-June 2001” – recorded May 2001
Track 12 taken from the tape “August-September 2001” – recorded Sep. 2001
Track 14 taken from the tape “Early Demos 01/01-02/01” – recorded Jan. 2001
All tracks recorded in The Place Off Sansom Where I Lived With My Brother And All The Shit Went Down
All songs written by Jonathan Rosenberg © 2013 Walrusity Songs (ASCAP)
Photo of the Tsar by Alan Rosenberg; Photo of the Supernova by NASA; Photo of the Ultra Deep Field by NASA, ESA, and S. Beckwith (STScI) and the HUDF Team; Digital Tomfoolery by Jonathan Rosenberg


1. Maybe You Don’t Care For The Ride
2. The Maze Of Your Life
3. Two As One
4. Daddy Long Legs Creepin’ The Star
5. This Is A Song Called Excuses [CUTS OFF]
6. Smile & Sigh
7. The Code
8. For Your Protection
9. Teardrop Workshop
10. Find Another Girl
11. Harmonica Robot Regime
12. These Little Pieces
13. Jen
14. Yet Another Guitar Instrumental
15. Place In Your Bones
16. My God I’m So Depressed


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