30. Another Sullen Day EP

RELEASE DATE: July 31, 2020

Guitar, Vocals, Finger Snaps and Affected Blatherskite – Jonathan Rosenberg
Tracks 1-7 taken from the tape “Son Of Man-Child” – recorded June-August 2014
All tracks recorded in The Place In Echo Park Within Rolling Distance Of The Bottle Shop
All songs written by Jonathan Rosenberg © 2020 Walrusity Songs (ASCAP)
Cover Photo by Alan Rosenberg on or around January 19, 2002; Cake by Melody Rosenberg; Ace Posing by Jeremy Rosenberg and Emily Elkin; Thank you and love you and despite what the title says my days are less sullen because of you.


1. A Man So Brilliant (Brian Wilson Kick)
2. Man-Child On The Moon
3. Too Complex
4. Stick Figure Eight
5. Other Than You
6. Love Is A Liquid (Numan’s Own)
7. (I) Can’t Recharge


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