31. The Fancy Strikes, Turn To Sound


RELEASE DATE: January 19, 2017

Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion – Timmy Grant
Drums, Guitars, Percussion – Joshua Howard
Vocals, Guitars, Percussion – Jonathan Rosenberg
Recorded 2004-2007 at LoveFloyd Studios and Daughters and Sons
Produced and Arranged by Timmy Grant, Joshua Howard and Jonathan Rosenberg
Engineered by Timmy Grant and Joshua Howard
Mixed by Timmy Grant at LoveFloyd Studios
Mastered by Burt Levine at 21st Century Studio
All songs written by Jonathan Rosenberg © 2016 Walrusity Songs (ASCAP); except “Green Men & Fishwives” written by Jonathan Rosenberg and Timmy Grant © 2016 Walrusity Songs (ASCAP) / The Floyd Music Group
Cover photo and digital high jinks by Alan Rosenberg (from an idea by his cloudy son)

PLAY IT LOUD unless that would be a nuisance to those around you


1. Combray/Brundlefly
2. Waveform
3. My Dough
4. Feather
5. Sir Beautiful Girl
6. This Old Hall
7. Barrister
8. Rivulet
9. Sandy Screen
10. Green Men & Fishwives
11. Cross-Street Wires
12. I Dive Down


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